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    How to Keep Your Shower New with Repair, Resurfacing & Filter Tips

    If there is one spot in my house that I am most keen, particular, and meticulous in – that will probably be the bathroom and shower area. I cannot deny my distinct trait of being obsessed in sparkly clean and polished bathrooms, particularly bathtubs and shower stalls. I mean, it is just fair and rewarding to bathe in clean and spotless tubs and showers after long, stressful hours at work or even before starting the day. Although it is inevitable for our precious bathtubs to age with us, I am lucky enough to have found just the best in shower resurfacing companies! They transform dated bathtubs into brand new looking gems. From bathtub repair service to refinishing and reglazing sinks and tiles that are painted with out of fashion hues – they got you!

    I cannot stress it enough; we humans don’t get to control time, so the bathtubs and shower stalls that we love will eventually age and lose their shine no matter how many times we scrub and clean each tile. Grimes and gruesome dirt will build up over time in between the tiles, the sides of the bathtubs, and on the surface of the sink. Contrary to that horrible truth, most of my friends are praising me for being able to maintain such a chic, clean, and immaculate looking bathroom and shower stall. With that being said, allow me to walk you through some of my secrets in keeping the divine appearance of my safe haven.

    Cleaning your bathroom is not an easy-peasy task to do, most especially when you are going to do it on your own. However tiresome, it is very rewarding once you see the results. Let me talk about each of the fixtures and how to treat them right: bathtubs, tiles, vanity countertops, shower stalls, and the bathroom as a whole.


    Who would not love to soak themselves in warm waters in the tub after working long hours, doing chores, running errands, or simply being outside for some fun and leisure? Absolutely no one. We can agree that having the time to just relax in a bathtub is some kind of self-care. Imagine being alone and away from the rest of the world for a time, recapping just the happy memories, feeding your mind of positive thoughts while watching your favorite bath bomb explode in vibrant colors. Nice, isn’t it? But it is a plus if your bathtub is looking flawless – no dent, no chip, no imperfection.

    1. Your first step to a shiny and beautiful bathtub is distinguishing the material that it is made from. Bathtub maintenance varies by material used in making them. Here’s a list of most common bathtub finishes:
    • Fiberglass: Highly resistant to strain, but is very prone to scratching and discoloration.
    • Porcelain: Hear me when I say this – do not bleach your bathtub if it was made of porcelain enamel. Although it is undeniably durable and is able to handle hard abrasions, it is unguarded and easy to get chipped. What follows chipping? Rusting and eventual discoloration – something I know you are afraid of, so please take extra caution!
    • Acrylic: Among the common three, acrylic tubs are the most owner-friendly because of its durability against damages including scratching, cracking, and staining.  
    1. Always give your bathtub a rinse after each use. When I say after each use, I actually meant after you are done with your soak and or after you finish bathing the kids – for those who have little darlings with them at home. The idea here is to keep the bathtub free from any soap suds, annoying bubbles or even hair. Let the water run for 30 good seconds and watch until it gets clear. 
    1. Go to your kitchen and get your hands on a spray bottle and some white vinegar. I know, it sounds a little toxic, but believe me – white vinegar does wonders in bathtubs. Aside from being really accessible because white vinegar can easily be found in the kitchen, it is less toxic, more gentle, and inexpensive as compared to other commercially available cleansers. You have no excuse if you are busy because you only have to do this at least once or twice a week. Please do not pour the white vinegar directly in the bathtub, but instead put it in the spray bottle and give the bathtub some spritz. Also, if you have the luxury of time, you can also give the curtains and the flooring some splashes of your white vinegar; they need it too!
    1. Use a scrub, but be cautious and know where to scrub lighter and where to give it more pressure. I do this at least twice a month because I do not want to abuse my bathtub. Treat it to a thick paste, pinch it into a sponge not directly on the ceramic, and do the scrubbing while the water is flowing. Witness how the gruesome and annoying dirt and gunks disappear as you do it. Scrub harder on the stubborn areas that incur a lot of grimes, and lighter on the spots that are often touched by water.
    1. As many times as you check the ceramic part of the bathtub, also pay attention to its drain. More often than not, the tub drain can get clogged by annoying and troublesome dirt such as hair and soap suds. If clogging happens to your drain, do not panic as you can do some first-aid tricks on it. Pour a generous portion of baking soda accompanied by some white vinegar directly to the clogged drain. Let these superhero chemicals sit for a while and then rinse it with boiling water. 


    Are you meticulous? Do you get easily irked by dirt in between your precious ceramic tiles? Go on and let us talk about tiles and how to maintain its squeaky clean appearance. I know how daunting and tiresome to wipe each tile so I have collated just the easiest tips and tricks to lighten things up for you.

    1. Do not be surprised, but keeping clean tiles requires a bit of cleaning daily. Although everyday wiping sounds like a prerequisite, it does not mean that you have to scrub or polish the tiles for long minutes. You can give the tiles a quick rub and scrub for 20 seconds per desired area and it will be just fine and enough to get rid of any stain. Areas could possibly include the flooring, the mirror tiles, sink, and counters. If you do this, you will notice just how much your tiles will benefit from it in the long run.
    1. Have I mentioned vacuum already? Vacuuming also plays a great part in maintaining your tiles. Mopping and wiping are good, but occasional vacuuming just makes things extra. All you have to do is take your vacuum lying somewhere in your living room and bring it to your bathroom. This will do just as much because vacuums actually give a good kind of suction so any debris and hair that are on the tiles will get to where they belong – the trash bin. 
    1. Scrub, scrub, and more scrub! Just like pretty much everything that requires cleaning, scrubbing does essential things on your bathroom tiles. You do not need to allot an amount of your time daily, for you can do this once a week or even fortnightly. Get a non-abrasive scrubbing tool, preferably a soft brush, and do the scrubbing in a moderately pressured manner to get rid of the pesky stains and spots on the tiles. 


    I know just how much you feel like a princess or a prince whenever you bathe in a sparkly clean shower stall and stare at your beautiful reflection in a mirror placed on a vanity countertop. However, the backstory of having it cleaned and maintained is a different thing. Take the bullets below and go conquer your kingdom – your bathroom.

    • Start by removing the shower head to clean up mineral deposits. Your main allies here will be white vinegar and a cleaning brush. Pour the vinegar onto the showerhead and brush off the grimes. For the holes, you can use toothpicks to poke each hole for any possible stuck dirt.
    • As for the tiles, glassdoors, and curtains, you can opt for a sponge dipped in white vinegar and give each area a generous wipe until you achieve just about the type of shine and cleanliness that you want.
    • Vanity countertops require a regular cleaning using a soap-free cleanser that suits the material your countertop was made of.
    • A neutral cleaner is what the mirror wants. Just spray it on the glass and wipe it with a soft cloth until dust is nowhere to be seen.
    • Give your countertop an extra glimmer and use a stone polish on it! Just apply a generous amount of police on it, and gently rub it just until you see the stone sparkle!

    Maintaining your bathroom can be tedious, but the results will always leave you satisfied. Follow my simple tips, and see how you alone can have a beautiful and gleaming bathroom without exerting much time and effort!